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Highlighted Features

Make parents feel more at ease

Touch and read out

You can listen to any part you like directly. You can learn through books directly as well as the pen pointing and reading.


Start the recording just by long time pressing the recording button on the pen. You can record whatever you want to remember in your life.

Following and comparing reading

You can check your pronunciation immediately through following and comparing function.

Puzzle game

Almost each lesson has the interactive game, which is to check the children’s learning process. This will make the kids learning during the entertainment.


Different languages can be made into the books, no matter in written or in voices. And translating button is available on the pen.

Health material

Environmentally friendly ABS material, no bisphenol A, light and resistant, the book is printed with soy ink.


You can listen to any MP3 just by press the on/off button on the pen or click the icons on the books. And you can stop, play and change the previous/next piece directly.

Piano and drum more

In addition to books, with a variety of musical instrument learning cards, a pen can learn piano.


Just connect the pen with your computer by the USB line, can you download any MP3 And book reading materials files as you like.

Multi-language fun experience

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Very best opinions

"I don't always clop,I want to say to all parents that furisun's products will help you a lot."
Mary Wells
Preschool teacher
" Because of Furisun's products, I am now a lot easier to educate my children.Thank you for your help. My child often uses Furishun Pen. ”
Dana Bailey
students' parents
"Furisun gave us a surprise, their products are the highest quality and frequency of use."
David Larsen
Young designer

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